Monday, November 26, 2012

Pics from the Valley

Here are some pics to go with the previous post...

View from the rear forward into the Living Room, through what used to be a partition wall, builtin shelves/desk, and hidden brick chimney.

View from the same rear corner, sideways to where there's no longer a closet.  Actually, the beam above and post in the center delineate what was probably once the rear wall of the house - everything to the right appears to have been added later.

Ceilings running side-to-side in the ex-Library part.  New framing under the bathroom at the far-right.

Ceilings running to the front, with a mysterious box in the middle that I am guessing was a heat register when there was just a wood stove downstairs (later plastered into the ceiling).

From the front outside corner, toward the rear-middle.

Side wall, down to studs.  Apparently no insulation in this room - have to fix that.

Exposed closet under the staircase, which had been walled in.  Also the center-hall (still with a sheet of plastic across it for dust control) out to the front entry, which we re-opened by demolishing the closet someone put there.

In the center-call area, probably the oldest decoration we've uncovered.  Seems to be a couple feet's worth of wainscotting below, and old wallpaper on plaster above.  Was walled in to the back of the closet.

Top of the wainscot, with moulding/nosing.

Wallpaper detail.

A different border/trim on the wallpaper.

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