Monday, September 22, 2008

Tag Sale Find #1: Pink Hoodie

Cute details you might not be able to notice are a little butterfly on the zipper pull, ruffles at the pockets, and striped tape on the inside edge of the hood. All in all, adorable and well worth the $4.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

More Child Labor

During bath time, Margot has taken to cleaning herself, mostly by rubbing soap on her legs. She has now translated this into house cleaning behavior. After dinner, she took a napkin and started rubbing it on the table and then on her toys. I'm not sure who has taught her this, because I'm not a cleaning role model, but I would like to thank whoever it was. If this cleaning thing becomes a habit, having a kid just got a huge plus added to the pro column!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Not at all Cranky

After a full morning of attending the semi-annual kids-stuff tag sale here in Acton, we swung by Maynard for breakfast and a visit to the farmers market. There are only 2 weekends left for the farmer's market, so we're trying to get in all of the great local vegetables and fruit. In spite of all the moving around and not having eaten, Margot was still in a great mood.

It was 37 degrees out (!) when we went for the puppy walk, so Margot got to bundle up for the first time this fall. This is a jacket that she wore last year and managed to squeeze into one more time. We got some cute actually-her-size options at the tag sale this morning. If you're lucky and real nice, she'll do a fashion show of them here.

Meanwhile, here's Margot in the midst of enjoying a cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese.


At the end of Friday, Margot helped me tend the veggie garden. She spent at least 5 minutes diligently bending down and removing things from this one patch of the garden. It was helpful when she took out the first few leaves from nearby maple tree, but she didn't stop there. Apparently large clumps of dirt, small pieces of rock, and everything else that makes up dirt all needed to be taken out. Luckily, she did the entire removal process (bend down over the garden, select offending object, stand up, bend down outside of the garden, place offending object on the grass) for each individual thing that she found, so all of her hard work didn't result in any actual damage.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

1st Birthday Preview

I've been getting requests for a post about the birthday extravaganza that happened last week. I won't spoil any of the surprise, but here's a picture to tide you over until we get a full post together.