Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Great-Grandad Smith

Margot's great-grandfather, Robert, came up to visit and spend a little quality time with the small one and the rest of the family. Margot's in a shy, suspicious-of-people-who-aren't-mom-or-dad phase, so we were curious to see how their time together would go. They basically marveled at each other and smiled a bunch. I'd call it a great success!

Now that Robert has returned to Florida, we're all missing him and counting the days until his winter trip back this way.

Here's a shot of Robert, Margot, and Murray for your viewing pleasure.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

More New Toy

Margot's obviously getting better and better at the walking push-toy that was featured last post. Evidence follows:

Actually, in all seriousness, she's great at standing and walking with the stroller, and is starting to want to go faster. In this case, I don't even know what she managed to hit to "catch an edge" and go straight over on top of it this time. She's so good natured: given that nothing actually went bump on the floor or got pinched or anything, we had time to grab the camera like good, caring parents and snap a picture of her in this state. Awesome Parenting Magazine, here we come!
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