Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Margot vs. Daddy's Art

We went to visit my parents recently - Uncle Bill and Grandpa Bob are in town!  More on that later...

Since my old toys are now Margot's toys at my parents, Daddy got to make an awesome tower of blocks.  I mean, it was like, twelve hundred feet tall.  Or, three.  But very rickety.

Margot wasn't that interested while I was building, but became interested once I was done, and dealt with Daddy's creation appropriately.
(Video has sound . . . I tried to cut it down to a quiet level.)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I'd post video, but I can't find the cable to get the magic moving pictures off of the camera. So, you'll just have to take my word for it that Margot has mastered language.

On her first birthday, she could say "hi!", shake her head "no", and make a sign for "more". Each of these were subtle and humorous. For hi, Margot will hold her hand up to her ear like she's on the phone. No was only used correctly 75% of the time. We frequently were heard to say "by no, you mean yes" when feeding her something she really did want. And more was an interesting case of "I want more food, but not the kind you're giving me" and was signed repeatedly while accompanied by a face that said "what sort of idiot are you for giving me more cheerios".

A month and 10 days later, Margot's vocabulary has exploded! She has added:

- ball (bah!)
- up - This meant both up and down for a long time. After repeating "you mean down" enough times, she will sometimes say "gow" for down, but she says it in a tone like she's only humoring your crazy belief that up isn't appropriate in that situation.
- buh bye (frequently waving her hand towards herself while she does this)
- apple (her new word for food, which almost never ever means she wants an apple)
- pointing at her mouth to indicate that she wants food, frequently followed closely by the word "apple"
- puppy (pronounced pup-oh)
- cracker (quack-ewh)
- cookie (cuh-cooh)
- she pats her head and says "ca" when she wants her hat
- she pats wherever she wants you to sit, like next to her on the couch, on a pillow on the floor, or on a rock in the yard
- she twists her torso back and forth when she wants to dance or hears the word dance

And, today Lisa has taught her that "shoe" is the word for those things Margot is obsessed with. This kid will spend hours reorganizing our shoes, making creative piles of them, and carrying them over to anyone who is nearby.