Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Miss Independence

Since turning two, Margot has become very opinionated about what she can and can't do. This has lead to some pretty hysterical situations. Case in point, Margot was determined to put these pants on HERSELF! Who are we to tell her that they are upside down and won't stay on that way?

In addition to trying the impossible, Margot also puts hysterical limits on what she can and can't do. She has instituted the rule that "Margot cannot walk up the stairs." Note, this is not because any parental figures have told her that she can't, but because she wants to be carried up. She actually goes up the stairs many times a day on her own to get things that I won't get for her.

My favorite random rule came out yesterday when we were getting ready to get into the car. After insisting that she had to wear her new rain boots in the sunny 70 degree weather, Margot then claimed that she had to be carried to the car "Because Margot has her boots on."* I looked at her and had no idea where to start arguing about how wrong this was. Of course, I gave up and just carried her to the car, shaking my head the whole time.

* Yes, Margot refers to herself in the third person.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Margot's Second Birthday

Margot turned two last Friday, so we had a little party over the weekend.

Naturally, there was cake - with blueberries, Margot's favorite:

... and presents:

(Thanks to Great-Grandpa Bob for Bobby the dog!)

One of those presents was a cool car - strangely, also called Bobby! (Thanks Auntie M and almost-Uncle C!)
Aine thought the car was cool - good enough to follow it and Margot around the yard...

... or even to share a wagon ride with.

Soren and Brady followed Margot (and/or her cookie?).
Danny liked the cookies too.

In case the cake and cookies weren't enough, there were also cupcakes. Soren enjoyed one.

Sam the puppy visited from next door, to play with Elisa among others. She wore him out.

Sigrid just liked sitting on the lawn (or the lawn blanket, even though it prevents her from eating grass).

We hope that everyone had as good a time as we did!

Robert's 93rd

We celebrated Robert's 93rd birthday this evening.

Unfortunately, the best photo I got (out of only a few attempts) was of him wearing Margot's black-and-white striped headband with a bow.

We're really lucky to have Bob nearby, and watching him with Margot (and vice versa) is always a treat.

Many happy returns, Bob!
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Friday, September 04, 2009

Happy Birthday, M!

We'll post more after the big party tomorrow. Meanwhile, here's Margot attempting a daring dismount from her new rocking chair.