Monday, November 26, 2012

In the Valley?

Well - another week gone by, and what have we got to show for it?  Lots, actually.

In addition to really nice Thanksgiving meals and company, I am hoping we're basically done on the downhill of "tearing out", and ready to start going back upwards on "building in".  With big help from Rob and Sybille, we've got the chimney removed, and the center-hall-blocking closet knocked out, as well as the closet in the back of the ex-Library.  We've stripped down all the plaster that's going away, as well as the rest of the miscellaneous firring, hanger-boards, lath, obsolete disconnected electrical wiring, and other junk that doesn't need to be there.  In short, we've got a ~14x25 space one direction, with another ~10x12 around the "L", and a substantial hallway re-opened from the end of the "L" to the front Entry.  We've consulted with a Structural Engineer, done our own pondering and head-scratching, and talked to an electrician about wiring plans.  So like I said, hopefully we can ADD something soon ;-).

Pics in another post soon, after I work out space-quota issues.

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