Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Next First Post - Making Fingers

So, just in case other methods of communication have failed to reach anyone reading here . . . We can confirm that, as we say in this household, Christi's "making fingers". Which explains why she's been more than usually tired.

Here's the confirming evidence:

This time around we're taking the "making fingers" meme to heart, and calling the little tyke Fingers until they arrive (hopefully sometime in December). We're also not planning to find out if Fingers is a boy or girl, until that time.

Actually, to be quite specific, I think we saw some fingers - or at least hands - although we don't have a printout of such an image. Also (in addition to the head above) arms, legs, feet, spine, chest, and a bunch of internal organs. Everything looked great.

Margot is interested and excited, although I don't think she has any idea when December is.

I just like this one...

I dunno who taught her Harley-Davidson posture, but with her hair blowing back and the mean-but-determined expression I'm diggin' it.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Totally Unacceptable

Dear Whoever is Supposed to be Posting Here:

I've noticed that NOTHING AT ALL IS GETTING POSTED HERE! Who is supposed to be posting something? Do it!

Oh wait right, that's me... here's something from last weekend. I'll try to fill in the gaps separately.