Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Foaming (at the mouth?)

OK, OK, long time no post.  We've been working hard, at home and in the office.  On the bright side, we're starting to see the fruits of our labors on the house front.

Sooo much has happened since Thanksgiving!  We've torn out additional plaster (every time you think you're done...), put up an LVL beam across the rear of the new living room, worked on the back corner where the foundation is sinking away from the sills, and pulled out the floor in the rear area.  The electricians did a couple days of rough installation for outlets, sconces, switches, and a ceiling can.  Oh, and we installed radiant heat tubing in the ceilings under the bath and two bedrooms exposed in the working room!  But more on those later - most recent photos come after having closed-cell foam insulation blown into the walls and ceiling, as well as around the sills to air-seal the crawlspace underneath.  Rob and I pulled two or three extra-long days over the weekend to make this happen in time for the foam spraying Monday . . . thanks Rob!

Side wall in front - the covered the windows with plastic while they worked around them.

Front around the bay - note we pulled the radiators and removed the plaster below the windows for access.

Sconce box next to the front bay.

Ceiling "can" light for the rear inside corner.

Had the foam guys leave space for a channel up to the double gang box behind the TV mount.  We can put in a cable chase and fill the rest with fiberglass insulation or can spray foam..

Under the bath fittings, mostly sealing the gap up into that wall and under-tub area.

It's nice to be substantially building in instead of tearing out!

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