Sunday, November 04, 2012

Pinky Party

OK so some progress today, on painting Isla's room.  But first we owe thanks again to my folks, who came out both days this weekend and worked on yard and garden cleanup. While we've been focused inside, the outside is looking better and better, even if I haven't taken more pics.

But, regarding the painting - we got a complete first coat and one wall second coat of primer in Margot's room, despite a mysterious problem with a second can of primer that didn't act at all like the first (or like it should).  In Isla's room we got all the second primer coat done Saturday, then Sunday's work saw a full coat of "Pinky" pink completed.  Pics below in terrible work-lamp light and half-wet/half-dry - put it's really a pretty light candy-floss pink.  

Also, not least since the heat is out anyway, we pulled the radiator off of its pipe and got in behind to paint.  It's still showing a bit since we didn't prime, but a second coat should put it far enough under to ignore once we put the radiator back.  Anyone have twenty inches of quarter-round we can throw in there?

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