Wednesday, January 30, 2008

No autographs, please

In the category of tooting my own horn, I am proud to say that our work at Zyrra has been recognized by the Boston Globe Magazine as one of the Best of the New for 2008 (see more here).

Since that wasn't excitement enough, this lead to my television debut on Chronicle (a totally awesome local news show). I believe that I managed to come off as articulate and not bra-obsessed. I call that a huge accomplishment!

Apart from great press for our business, the real upside for me personally is that I:

1. learned that I can get my hair blow dried to look awesome for only $25 (by Bea at Margo's Hair and Body Design*)
2. found THE way to shop for awesome clothes - I asked the women at Ann Taylor to choose things that would work for me since I still try picking out things for the way my body was shaped in high school. They know the clothes in their store AND they don't have any of my body issues about how I look. They found great options for me and I came away with three things that I adore, plus my ego was less scarred than usual because I didn't try on a million things that were entirely wrong for my body. Bonus!

I wish that I had a photo so that you could see how I looked. It was a testament to working with your body and hair rather than fighting them (or ignoring them as I frequently do).

* I love this name. No clue what they mean by "Body Design", but it sounds exciting. I imagine something like "you would look better a little taller, let's fix that".

Monday, January 14, 2008

Perfection is ...

Sitting at home on a snowy day with Margot asleep in my arms and then she lets out a laugh. I wish I knew what she was dreaming about.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

What's Worse Than Having a Cold?

Making your baby cry by blowing your nose.

Because taking care of a four-month old while sick wasn't hard enough.

Four Month Checkup

The four month checkup was yesterday. Margot is still the most perfect baby our doctor has ever seen (we're reading between the lines there, but that's only because she can't come out and say it).

Vital stats are:
weight: 14lbs 14.5 oz
length: 24.5 inches

Now she has a little bit of a fever from the shots, but she's holding up really well.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Bean Meets Bear

Margot got a very special visit this weekend from her blog-sister Claire Bear.  

It was really great to get these two together ...

... (as well as seeing our old friends her parents).

She even ate my cooking!

... which apparently has Kung Fu Bean Power!

Thanks for visiting, y'all... even Jolly had a great time with a scamperer in the house, even for a short while.

Reality Shock for My Inner Child

This old news, but we've been bad about posting.

Anyhow, after Thanksgiving, my dear friend Sus came to visit and got to meet Margot in her post-birth state (ie: not kicking in my belly). It was incredible to have a friend who I've known since middle school meet my child. I mean, I know that I'm a parent, but seeing my child in the arms of someone who I remember being 12 with really brought things home. My inner child was forced to recognize the existence of my outer adult. Scary!

Here are two photos of them together. I especially love the one where they are both laughing even though it isn't quite in focus.

A View on Jolly's World

We made a decision not to let Jolly on the furniture in order to keep it clean. This didn't entirely fit in with my visions of bringing home a fluffy rescue who would instantly adore me for my inherent wonderfulness and for giving him a new home and loving environment. I had dreams of us cuddling on the couch watching a movie on a cold winter night, but the real dog that we brought home had other ideas. Both times I tried to get him off of the armchair that he claimed as his own resulted in baring of teeth (on his part) and near tears (on my part). In order to avoid an escalating battle of wills, we started piling random things on the soft surfaces to make them less comfortable. After a year of storing my cookie sheets and cooling racks in the living room, Jolly gave up trying. On our visit home to Brooklyn we learned why. He seems to have determined that the cushions are the problem. The second we took them off the couch at mom's to open the sofa bed, he jumped right up there.

If only we had one of these cushionless sofas at home!