Monday, November 19, 2012

That's Torn It ... Out!

So the wrecking derby continued this weekend - enough so that I haven't had time for detailed posts.  This seems to have grown into the big dump of pics and details across three day's work.

We got a dumpster (10-cubic-yards) and filled 2/3rds of it with the Living Room and Library ceilings, the partition wall and built-in shelves/desk between the two rooms, and a three-by-eight or so section of flooring out of the back corner (pulled up to get a look at the sagging support structure).

Remaining work items include getting odds-and-ends demolition done as well as stripping plaster from the rear and side walls to insulate as we found nothing in there, and demolish the plaster and minor framing that walls in a closet in what used to be the center-hall .  Oh, and tear up the floor in at least the rest of the Library part, probably the Living Room too to get a consistent floor level.

Some pics for your enjoyment and edification...

Library ceiling with multiple generations and styles of framing (and a missing support post someone cut out a while back...).

Library looking toward the Dining Room - closet has been mostly demolished since this picture.

The brown section in the center is backing plaster facing into the "center hall" that has been turned into a closet.  Will punch out that plaster and framing to re-create the hallway.

Looking forward to the Living Room, through where the built-ins and partition wall were.  Chimney will go away soon (it's only on the 1st floor and non-structural) and the ceiling in the LR has been stripped since this picture.

New framing in the Library ceiling under the bathroom upstairs.  Tub plumbing at right. 

 Hole we punched in the back-corner floor to investigate the sloped floor.  Turns out that the outside sill wood is OK, but the foundation stones are moving and sinking.  Basically that corner is "floating" off of the foundation.  The beam in the foreground appears to be an old rear sill before the house was expanded rearward by ~8 feet.  This end section of it is badly damaged and we'll need to replace it.

Rearward view where the wall and archway aren't anymore. 

Attaching the ceiling (plaster on metal lath over plaster on wood lath) with a grinder to cut out sections we could then tear down and carry out. 

Ceiling debris in the living room.  

I think I need a bigger dumpster... gonna be close.

Library toward dining room, with the closet (almost) torn out and the corner framing near the center-hall removed.

Nice consistent beamwork in the Living Room ceiling.  Large beams are ~8x7 inches, the smaller crosswork is 4x4 or 4x3 inches.

Knob-and-tube wiring (thankfully, inactive) that used to go to a ceiling fixture.  We're midway through bringing down that section of ceiling.

The wrecking crew.

Getting a look at the results.

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