Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Two Weeks and All's Well

Hi all -

We went to the pediatrician for Margot's two-week checkup, and all's well. She's gained a pound since last Monday, and is up to 8lbs 15oz (although I think she'd had a recent feeding). She's much more active with her hands now, and spends long times (relatively speaking) during the day with her eyes open and "looking around" (although I know she still can't focus on anything very far away from her face). She's also differentiating her daytime and nighttime schedule - feeding more oftenduring the day and sleeping for longer periods (again, relatively speaking) at night. A couple nights ago she fed at 10PM, 2AM, and 6AM - which means something not too short of 4-hour sleeps for me, and three-plus hour spells for Christi which was (relatively speaking) grand for a couple of nights.

What else? I've been working since last Wednesday, although I'm able to do some of it from home, which is good since I can mostly get work done, but occasionally watch or handle Margot when Christi needs a break.

I don't have any new pics on this computer, so you'll have to hold out for a bit. Maybe tomorrow I can add more. Margot has tried on many more of her clothes now, and has a repertoire now including pants & shirts, onesies, sleep gowns, hats, mittens, and socks - not to mention the cutest little jacket with lamb-ears you've ever seen (softest, too).

That's all for now - time to get Margot's furry brother out for his evening eliminations! Ooh, maybe I have a picture of him I can add . . . nope, dang.

Well, then, here is the finest photograph of Margot 'n' Mooo that 45 seconds with the Mac's built-in camera can produce:

(You don't want to know what Margot was doing while I took this.)


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