Sunday, September 09, 2007

Home and Busy

All -

Time is relative, and the few days since we came home Thursday morning have been simultaneously a quick blur, and amazingly full and long. Briefly (something I find myself saying a lot these days, but frequently not achieving):

  • we are home
  • we are healthy (in Margot's case, this is the pediatrician's opinion, as well as ours)
  • we are happy (beyond words, most of the time)
  • we are settling in to figuring out how this might actually work
  • yes I'll post some more dang pictures soon

We have had great visits with many of our family and friends, and tremendous amounts of help from (among others) Christi's mom and stepdad (now, "Pop-Pop") who are staying with us. Margot is being sweet beyond hope, not fussing overmuch, and even letting us sleep a marginally acceptable amount as we figure out some things about managing her. (Yes, you should ignore the fact that I'm apparently insomniac after the last feeding, 'cause it's working in your favor.) Christi is a tremendous trooper, dealing with her own physical recovery, more changes in her body, and the schedule demands of breastfeeding (meaning that her sleep will always be less than mine, until Margot is firmly established on breastfeeding in a month or so). It's been said before, but I don't know how I'd handle half of it, if it were me (nor how moms who've had a c-section etc can manage). Even Jolly's being amazingly well-behaved, considering (and he seems to be mystified by Margot, especially when she's at face-level).

So stick with us, and we'll try to surface soon. Be well.


Kathy said...

I just keep coming back to look at this photo. So adorable! She looks so much like Christi, but I think I see some Adam in there, too!

I wish I were there to cuddle her!

Adamooo said...

Man, I hope she's right :)

Unknown said...

Hi everyone! Hi Margot and Christi and Adam and Jolly and Grandma and Pop-pop! I really wish I was there with you to make the house even more crowded! Can't wait to talk to all of you.
Love, Sus

Ayanna said...

the good thing about c-sections is the drugs. having a nice spouse.