Friday, September 14, 2007

Thanks Again

It just occurred to me that I've sent news of Margot's birth to friends and family across the country and on four continents. I've gotten responses within minutes to messages, and shared pictures with people all over the place. I already commented that we had wireless internet access in the hospital room. I've uploaded photos to a web service and had them send film-quality prints to relatives within days, basically for the cost of shipping. Not to mention all of the baby information and even, yes, consumer product information that I've gotten from the 'net.

We've heard over and over in the past nine-plus months that being pregnant, giving birth, and raising children just isn't the same as it used to be. The breakdown of the physical proximity of most families, of the connected spirit of local communities, supposedly has interrupted our connection to the knowledge, experience, and love of our elders and peers.

Well, lemme tell ya - it has been absolutely incredible to feel the outpouring of spirit from everyone who's been connected here or in email or otherwise. The gifts and advice and just plain help we've received from all quarters - the closest family members, to folks who really don't need to go out of their way but do - all of this just really adds up to a deep feeling of gratitude and connection. So, hopefully again, THANKS! It really matters, perhaps especially when we're on the tired end of the day. Hopefully soon we'll have a bit more external energy to share some more detailed responses and news with more of you directly . . . we can't wait for Margot to meet you all!

Now, who knows someone I can email on those other three continents? (South America, Africa, Antarctica)

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miekec said...

Many congratulations (from across the river, not from Antarctica) to the three of you. Maybe this will actually cause us to meet in Boston for a change, instead of just at King House :)
Margot looks utterly adorable - hopefully you're enjoying her.