Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Yeah, yeah...

So, I know. WE know. Over a month since the last post . . . sorry. Somehow - we've been busy.

We did have a nice little baby shower, at my parent's new place in Cambridge. Apparently, cameras were cursed during the occasion, 'cause most of the shots taken didn't turn out well. I can only offer you the following image, with Mooo, Mommy, and Mommy's sis Myrrha:

So, if anyone has additional pics of the day, please let us know.


tallasiandude said...

I took some pictures, but they're on the SOOTTAD's camera, so it might take some time for me to get at them to get to you. I'll let you know if there were any keepers.

MG said...

Darn. I was really hoping to see that one of you wearing the sheep towel. It was quite fetching.