Monday, June 25, 2007

OK, More Photos

Hmmm, y'all seemed to like the photos thing. Have some more:

An expecting mother and a playful pup - what more could one ask for?

And, no, I can't figure out why Blogger wanted to format this in this way.


MG said...

the formatting looks artistic. :)

Kathy said...

Maybe you already know all about this, but when you upload photos with blogger, you've got the option of aligning left, right, or center. It looks to me like you've got both photos aligned as floating left, with a few paragraph breaks between them.

Try editing the post and reupload the photos, this time with the "centered" alignment. Blogger will automatically put the new photos at the top of the post, so you'll have to delete these and move things around, but it should help.

Thrilled to see new photos, no matter what the formatting is!

Adamooo said...

So, you made me try on the formatting again. And after trying all the HTML wizardry I could by hand, I finally just went to the WYSIWIG side of the interface and hit "delete" a couple of times . . . Voila!

Amazing what you can do when you don't use your brain too much.

For those now reading these comments in confusion, the initial post wouldn't let format the images side-by-side at even height. Now it works.

MG said...

more pics!