Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's a New...

... COUCH! ("New to us", that is.) ((What did you think I was going to post about?))

(And yes, I'll try to stop using ellipses in my titles. It seems to be a trend lately.)

So, about this couch. We got it from Christi's folks in Brooklyn, where I have already test-driven it in several napping and book-reading modes. And it's a good thing. They're getting a new couch, so, for the price of a couple of guys to move it from Brooklyn to Acton, we get the old one. The grand cycle continues!

Bonus picture of the couch, and Christi's recent state:

As it turns out, we got a gently used club-chair from them as well. But I haven't taken a picture of it, yet.