Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Family Snapshots June07

Hey all -

C's stepmom was here for a few days last week, and among other things managed to take some good pics of us (& Jolly - did I mention Jolly? One of the things that happened to us between June '04 and Feb '07 but wasn't recorded on the Blog was getting Jolly).

So, here's out current and impending family:

(Don't worry, I did get a haircut shortly after these pics.)


Kathy said...

Christi is gorgeous! WOW!!! Amazing!

And why, exactly, did you not a) tell us about this blog, and b) tell us there were photos of Christi's baby bump on it? Tsk tsk!

Claire is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her newest friend.

MG said...

hee-hee. Love the family pic! You guys look awesome!

Jolly is going to make a good big brother. =)

We'll have to get Baby S and Baby G hanging out soon...well, I guess they should get them selves born first, huh? Nah, we should have a mommy-to-be playdate!