Monday, October 22, 2012

More Holes, Part 1

Today we had an electrician in to evaluate required work, and a plumber in to find problems with the furnace.  Electrical work should get started this week, and more diagnosis and repair await the plumber, who needs to figure out why there's a bit of a leak under the furnace, and replace 15 feet of cast-iron "soil pipe" up to the basement wall where it heads for the septic system.

In actual work being accomplished by the home team, more holes were generated in various walls and ceilings.

Here's the ceiling of the closet in the "library", under the second-floor bath.  I think that's the steam pipe to the radiator (which BTW doesn't seem to heat, and is permanently beadboarded in).

So, I made a hole.  Then made it bigger.
In this shot, left is to the front of the house, and down is to the "south" side.
Hard to see in the previous shot, but the PVC turns the corner and runs behind the strapping the ceiling was hung from.  Also that's hot and cold running over.

This is running "north" (or "up" in the previous two shots), gotta think that's the tub drain (PVC) and supply lines.

Looks like a beam running side-to-side in the house here.  This section has newer lumber and modern metal hangers.

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