Sunday, October 21, 2012

LR Wall Demo Details

Before we went to work on the wall, we stripped carpet and pad from the room and did some work on staples and tack-strips.  The plywood "subfloor" we'd seen under the carpet in the archway to the left turned out to be just in the arch.  The room has a reasonable but pretty beat up boardwood floor - painted and damaged, but still there.

 Final state of demo for the day.  The outside layer on this wall (blue-grey) is wallboard, layered directly over lath-and-plaster (yellow painted), back-to-back in this wall section with another plaster wall facing away.  Oddly the plaster section at the lower right in front of the chimney has a metal meshwork underlayment in parts - seems more modern?  Framing has the long dimension of the 2x4s "parallel" to the wall. I haven't measured but they look like they're actually 2" by 4" studs.

Exposed a clear space with chimney to right, steam pipe (cut off in basement), and box on the left for the builtin shelving on the other side of the wall.

Looking up.  Steam pipe runs up - not sure where to - no fixture remains?  Wall "skin" around chimney (to right) is plaster.
 Looking down inside space.  The wall on the chimney (top) is lath and plaster.  Other walls appear to be wallboard with more modern framing style than the partition wall I broke through.

 Three closely spaced studs at the left of the gap.  The front one is cut to allow the steam pipe to head down at a diagonal.

Odd board and shimming between two of the old partition wall studs.
Another view of the triple studs seen above, and a strap that the front one was hung from.

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