Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sisters (Weekend)

Some shots of the girls...

Crazy great hair (requires a unique angle - or lots of gel?)

Isla's suddenly gotten all roly-poly and likes to spend time on her tummy interacting with things. She's getting really good at pushing up to get a look at the action, and even trying to work her legs into the act as well. It's now quite possible to find that she's not still where you put her down . . .

I'm really psyched with the idea of the girls being able to play together. It's not all there quite yet, but they can now really interact with the same thing or with each other. Margot's always been great with Isla, but we're getting close to some mutuality. I figure I'd better enjoy it now, before they team up and turn on me.

Hard to tell at first, but this is basically Margot dancing in circles to amuse Isla, and Isla eating it up.

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