Wednesday, December 10, 2008


As I've mentioned, Margot likes to clean things. She has even been known to repeatedly spill something so that she can wipe it up. If I don't get her a paper towel in time, she will just use her hand. It's all the same to her as long as that spill is gone.

Well, today the concept took a big leap forward.

While walking in the kitchen with her favorite mustard bottle (another story) and eating a biscuit, Margot tripped. This was distressing because 1. the mustard bottle went under something and 2. the biscuit left crumbs on the floor. Once I had safely rescued the mustard, Margot jumped to her feet and grabbed for a kitchen towel while exclaiming today's new word "mess!". She then came back and proceeded to "wipe" the crumbs up with the towel.

Ok, so she needs some work on her cleaning technique and should probably be taught how to use the vacuum soon, but her new vocabulary was most impressive!


Kirsten said...

Man, it's great when you can start putting them to work.

Adamooo said...

Yeah, she's hard at work dirtying our dishtowels (without usually doing much for the floor). Her second-favorite activity, by the way, is taking things out of containers - especially the clean dishtowels out of the bottom drawer, which are soon scattered across the floor.