Monday, December 22, 2008

It Deliciously Didn't Work*

With Christmas coming, homemade present making is in full gear. I normally dive into some entirely untried project and get very mixed results, but not this time. I've tested the recipe a bunch of times and gotten consistent results.

Of course, it was time to throw a wrench into the system. These cakes would be sooo cute if I made them with my awesome mini-bundt pans and look, we're out of white flour. No problem, we'll just use a little whole wheat in there (then they'll be healthy!).

Then, I overfilled the bundt pans. I knew that I should only fill them half full, but the first one got overfilled and then the rest followed. No problem, a cookie sheet under the cakes will catch any overflow.

So, where did this all go tragically wrong? The cakes wouldn't come out of the pan. They were greased and sugared like we use in every other container we've cooked these in. Maybe the thick metal of the pan meant that they needed to rest for longer before being removed. The cute bundt cakes of my dreams turned into ugly crumbly misshapen globs. Not exactly present material! Well, we now have a holiday season supply of yummy cake bits.

It wasn't a complete loss, the whole wheat flour actually added a yummy nutty flavor, so I think I'll stick with that change to the recipe. Now I just need to figure out what else to make!

*The title is a reference to one of my favorite Homestarrunner cartoons. It's full of so many wonderfully quotable lines, good for any occasion. Thank you, Ben, for introducing us to this awesome entertainment!


elpf said...

You know what cake bits taste good in? Trifle! Nom,nom,nom.

Christi said...


Adamooo said...

crap, I ate too many of the bits. Quick, screw up more cakes!

Anonymous said...

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