Friday, May 02, 2008

A Margot Trap

Margot was making unhappy noises, so I looked down to see what toy had moved out of reach. Instead, I was surprised to see Margot caught with her hand in the shape toy (you put the right shapes in the right holes). Margot had stuck her hand in to get a shape and wouldn't let go of it, so she couldn't get her hand out. Being the caring parent that I am, my first reaction was "we need a picture of this" rather than, say, helping her. At least events like this will be nicely documented for any future therapy sessions.


cherry_darling said...

aw i love this photograph. and she looks so content!

elpf said...

Well, she has to learn that sometimes you have to let go of the thing to get your hand out! Thats a very big life lesson.

MG said...

Today, Maura (Aine's cousin) did a very similar thing. She was trying to get a book out of a play toy house...through the little door.

I think we took a picture too.

Anonymous said...

That must be her McKernan genes. It takes us a while to grasp something, but once we get it we don't let go.