Sunday, May 11, 2008

An Ace at Sitting

Given the previous post, I thought it was only fair to Margot that I post an example of her sitting well. She's doing a lot of expert sitting these days! Not only can she exist happily on the floor by herself (and even scoot around some, though usually not in an intended direction), she's capable of riding in her stroller or a shopping cart seat without the car-seat, and even sits in the high-chairs in restaurants comfortably. Actually, she loves the high-chairs, because usually she can then get a taste of the table by just leaning into it and gnawing.

I love the following shot, 'cause I think it looks like she's focused on making a good selection in the store. Although, about 60 seconds after this shot I pointed out to Christi that Margot was leaning sideways to bite on the horizontal metal bar at the side of the cart! Yay, teething...

Think she's ready for a career as a sitting-model? ACE Hardware ad copy, here we come...
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