Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Two-Month Checkup

So, Tuesday we took Margot for her two-month checkup. For those of you keeping score:
- Tuesday was 9 weeks after her birthday
- She's 12 lbs 6 oz, up from just under 8 lbs birthweight and something under 7 lbs minimum weight around five days
- She's 22.5 in long, which is up a couple of inches (call it 10-12%) although I'm less sure of those numbers, and think they're a little less accurate anyway
- Her head is now 38 cm around - just about 15 inches. I don't remember any previous measurements.

She's in good health and the doctor was happy with everything. The less fun part of the visit was getting a couple of early vaccinations - although a tag-team of two nurses made a very quick process of the shots. She seemed to have a rough afternoon and evening after that, but a day later she's none the worse for wear.

She's making a lot more noises now, I think, than even a few days ago. She can also look at you, if she's in the right mood, when you talk to her. And, we think we can make her smile and even kind of laugh, although an attempt at video documentation of such an effect failed this evening. We'll keep trying - it's like magic when her face lights up.

Friday her Grandparents Andersen are coming for the night, to visit, which will be great as they haven't seen her since she was a week old. How things change!
[Edit - as Christi points out, they HAVE seen Margot, a few weeks ago in Cambridge. I guess I was up too late - I was just thinking that they hadn't been at our house again!]

OK - Blogger's not cooperating on letting me post a picture tonight, so you'll have to wait. Sorry!

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Kathy said...

Oh my goodness! Way to go, Margot! You're getting soooo big!