Monday, November 05, 2007

Margot Meets The Whoozit

Up until now, Margot has had one word: "errah". While that hasn't been recorded for posterity yet, we did find that Margot has been holding out on us. When she finally found someone who could really understand her (in this case, the Whoozit toy from her Great-Grandma McKernan), we heard a whole bunch of new sounds.

Notice all of the arm motion punching the Whoozit around. (We'll teach her not to do that to her friends when she gets older!) My favorite is when one of its rings gets close to her mouth and she tries to suck on it. Our little girl is a developmental barrel of fun while she explores the world around her.

(Special thanks to Soren for the loan of the play mat. She loves it!)

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Kirsten said...

Soren is glad his playmat is bringing so much joy to Margot. Swing those little fists, Margot! Build up that hand-eye coordination, for there is much hair in the world that must be grabbed!