Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Big ideas

Isla latches on to the most exciting part of something and uses that as the word to describe the thing.  Birthdays are known as "birthday cake", as in yelling "Happy Birthday Cake!" on someone's birthday. Similarly, the big things we drive around are "car seats".  Daddy drives his car seat to work every day.

The other fun part of this stage is that whatever is in front of her at any given moment is likely to be "my own favorite" or "my new favorite".  She'll sit with a pile of books, pick up each one in turn, and declare it to be her favorite.

It's such a pleasure to be around such enthusiasm.


Sam Musher said...

Toddlers and middle schoolers? Not always so different! :)

Adamooo said...

I asked Isla to guess the other day what I was adding to the waffles . . . she gleefully answered, "chocolate milk chips!"...