Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A White . . . Halloween?

I had been planning a post with some pictures of the leaves turning, and some words about how it has gotten cold out here recently. After a spring that seemed to last from March into August, then only about 3-4 weeks of proper summer, we've snapped toward the chilly side.
But of course, I wasn't getting my post done in a timely fashion, so New England Weather trumped me.
On Sunday it was cold and rainy all morning, then broke out the white stuff and snowed all afternoon. Biggest ol' flakes I've seen for a long time, too.

Early afternoon, once the snow started sticking.

Not a lot of accumulation...

... but enough to coat on grass and leaves.

Around the time we went to bed, it turned back to rain (which continued much of the night, I think). Some towns in NH or further west apparently got two inches of accumulation or more.
It's enough to make a guy think about putting on the snow tires and hard-top!
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