Sunday, July 20, 2008


Margot has been fascinated with phones and computers for a few weeks now. She has noticed that I spend all of my time on them and she's been trying to figure out what the attraction is. The result is that Margot now picking up my cell phone and holds it to her ear while saying "hi". This seems like a much more complex level of mimicking us than banging on the computer keyboard or repeating sounds that we make. She has figured out both how to interact with the phone (hold to ear) and that you say hello into it. (And, yes, I do actually answer the phone "hi" if I know who it is from caller id.) She's cute and a genius!


MG said...

Aine would much rather eat my phone, so you'll have to have Margot call Aine's people. ;)

Remotely Mars said...

Awesome video. I think our kids are all destined to be tech junkies. I had to give my old cell phone to Nina so that she would stop begging to use (and try to destroy) mine.