Thursday, February 07, 2008

5 Months Old!

For those of you keeping track, Margot has entered the 5th month of her life with us. Since we haven't written much lately, I thought you might want to hear about her accomplishments so far.

1. Two teeth!
About a month ago, the two front bottom teeth came in. This resulted in lots of drool, mild crankiness and one day of a fever. With the help of Infant Tylenol, we got through the worst of it. I, for one, had no idea how sharp those little tiny teeth could be. Nursing was tough, but we've gotten past any pain and are back to normal.

2. Daddy is funny.
Margot now laughs when you do something funny (like kiss her) or if you're laughing. The laugh started as little gasps and has developed into something more recognizable. And what, you ask, is the best way to get her to laugh? Daddy's kisses.

3. Sitting up is all the rage.
Who wants to lean back when you can sit up. Margot strains to sit up straight if you lean her back. She'll even grumble if you lean her back. This has made the bouncy chair less fun. She doesn't quite have the muscles to pull herself up, so she slumps over like you see here. That said, she was much happier when she got into this position.

Lots more happened, but we're going to post this message now rather than wait to finish it. If you're REALLY good and send me LOTS OF CHOCOLATE, I'll post more.

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