Wednesday, January 30, 2008

No autographs, please

In the category of tooting my own horn, I am proud to say that our work at Zyrra has been recognized by the Boston Globe Magazine as one of the Best of the New for 2008 (see more here).

Since that wasn't excitement enough, this lead to my television debut on Chronicle (a totally awesome local news show). I believe that I managed to come off as articulate and not bra-obsessed. I call that a huge accomplishment!

Apart from great press for our business, the real upside for me personally is that I:

1. learned that I can get my hair blow dried to look awesome for only $25 (by Bea at Margo's Hair and Body Design*)
2. found THE way to shop for awesome clothes - I asked the women at Ann Taylor to choose things that would work for me since I still try picking out things for the way my body was shaped in high school. They know the clothes in their store AND they don't have any of my body issues about how I look. They found great options for me and I came away with three things that I adore, plus my ego was less scarred than usual because I didn't try on a million things that were entirely wrong for my body. Bonus!

I wish that I had a photo so that you could see how I looked. It was a testament to working with your body and hair rather than fighting them (or ignoring them as I frequently do).

* I love this name. No clue what they mean by "Body Design", but it sounds exciting. I imagine something like "you would look better a little taller, let's fix that".


Jul said...

Oh, yay! Congrats on all the impressive media coverage. I'm so impressed with all you've done to build this company. Can't wait till Zyrra makes it over to Europe. :)

Kathy said...

Congratulations! What a year for Zyrra AND its founders' families!

Any chance you could burn a DVD or send a tape to those of us who, sadly, no longer live where we can watch Chronicle? We'd love to see your interview.

Unknown said...

Awesome news for Zyrra and its dedicated mom! Also, I'd LOVE to see the hairstyle and clothes--these things are really important for supporting a professional woman's self-confidence!