Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Breaking the Log Jam

So, it's been a busy buncha weeks, no surprise. Starting with Thanksgiving, when I posted a teaser and never got to the follow-up, various (and sundry) things have resulted in a general lack of posting - so, Sorry! Thanksgiving blended into a busy first half of December, culminating in my trip to Tel Aviv (as some of you guessed) and Christi's first week caring for Margot alone. The second half of December blew past as we recovered and then prepared for the holidays, and we've been with Christi's folks on Nantucket since Friday. Don't you worry, we've accomplished Margot's first Xmas - with over 500 photos snapped, so it's well documented. And that's ignoring the ice dam and water damage at home that our neighbor called about! (No big deal for us, in the end - but thanks to my folks for going to check it out!)

Topics I'm hoping to somehow find more time to post on or at least share top photos:

  • Thanksgiving photos with the McKernan side of the family
  • Margot's amazing progress and development
  • More photos from Tel Aviv
  • Margot's astounding development and progress
  • Nantucket/Christmas photos
  • Jolly vs. The Atlantic Ocean
  • Etc

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